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Mon Oct 12, 08:00 PM Simon Spillett Trio @ The Everyman Studio Theatre, Regent Street, Cheltenham. GL50 1HQ

Tonight we welcome back Simon Spillett, always a favourite because he is always inventive and always very good! I asked him what he is getting up to now and, I quote “My trio with Spike and Dave presents what we like to think of as a loose, post-Rollins take on group improvisation, looking at standards and jazz tunes in a much more linear, open-ended way. It’s certainly not just my usual band minus its pianist!” So, think less Tubby and more Sonny. Whatever, it will be very worthwhile.

Dave Green, on bass, is also very welcome here. His wonderfully lyrical bass lines are always a joy to behold. As well as working with a whole host of people, Dave has worked with Simon for a while, so they should be in tune (in more ways than one) with each other!

Finally on drums we have Spike Wells a man of many hats and judging by the number of people he’s played with, many talents. Spike was turned on to jazz by a Gillespie number, he was tutored by Philly Joe Jones, played a lot at Ronnies and a while with Humph. (perhaps he met Dave green?)

Mon Oct 26, 08:00 PM Alan Barnes with Dave Newton Quartet @ The Everyman Studio Theatre, Regent Street, Cheltenham. GL50 1HQ

What on earth am I going to say here? Two of our favourite Jazz musicians here at Cheltenham at one time, at the same place, playing together, all for Cheltenham Jazz! This is going to be a great evening, two of the stalwarts of British jazz and I have heard a rumour that Alan has bought a new joke book for the evening!

The man on bass has not been booked yet, I’ll keep you posted.

On drums, not just another stalwart, but our own stalwart, Simon Radford, who after one or two or three surgical “procedures” is now back on song and is ready to face the challenge.

Mon Nov 23, 08:00 PM Gareth Williams and Dave Green @ The Everyman Studio Theatre, Regent Street, Cheltenham. GL50 1HQ

It’s great to welcome these two guys back, the important thing is that it is just the two of them, undilluted, pure, undistracted – you get what I mean!

Back in October, last year, they captivated us with their take on the legendary Bill Evans sessions with Scot LaFaro and Paul Motian. So, possibly expect some of the same or possibly a new slant?

Whatever, it will be a special evening, helped of course, by the intimate setting of the Everyman Studio Theatre. Their lies the snag! Great gigs like this sell out, so please book in advance. Tickets are £15.00 from the box office: 01242 572573 or on line:

Fri Dec 4, 08:00 PM Jean Toussaint's Quartet @ The Victory Club, Burlington House, Lypiatt Road, Cheltenham. GL50 2SY

Jean, not a stranger to Cheltenham Jazz, he’s been welcomed back many times over the years. Always new, fresh and dynamic, first time at the Victory Club, should be the ideal setting.

On piano another Cheltenham favourite, Andrew McCormack. I think that last time Jean was here, it was with Andrew, so expect to hear good friends who are used to working together.

Not too sure as our bassist tonight, but he will have been picked by Jean, so expect thre best!

Talking of the best, on drums we have Troy Miller. A name that always comes up when we are talking about our favourite Drummers.

Tickets (cash/chq only) £15, CJ Members/Concessions £13.
Available at the door.