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Welcome to our new website, we took this opportunity to update the site whilst we had this enforced “pause” in operations! I wish I could give you a long list of forthcoming gigs, but sadly we have nothing in the pipeline for the moment. We are waiting to see if and when our venues will be back and running and importantly, how many people can we accommodate. It has been a very strange time, I’m sure that we all have been listening to a lot of recorded music, but it is not the real thing! I’m sure our hearts go out to the artists who’s source of income has been so severely interrupted. It has been very sad to follow the obituaries, in the press, of some of the bastions of jazz over the years, close to home our old friend Peter King who will be greatly missed. We have to get up and running as soon as we can and I urge you all to support us, if you can, as soon as we can safely resume.